Watch: New Video Studies The Notion That Floyd Mayweather Fears Conor McGregor

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A new video by the YouTube channel MindSmash puts forth the idea that the legendary boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather could well fear his upcoming opponent, Conor McGregor.

Take this one with a pinch of salt, people, but a new video by the prominent combat sports psychology channel MindSmash puts forth the idea that boxing’s unbeaten superstar Floyd Mayweather may well be afraid of the man he must defeat to extend his unbeaten career to 50-0.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is a man known for a great many things but when you peel back the flashy lifestyle, the incomparable boxing skill and patented bravado, a truly incomparable mental toughness is to be found.

Floyd’s bulletproof mindset has seen him carve out a reputation for himself as one of the sport of boxing’s most daunting opponents. Sure, his punching power might not be as ferocious as it once was, but when you sign to take on Mayweather, you show up with a near-guarantee that your best shots might not even land on his famously-elusive chin. The fear-factor he brings the table isn’t exactly one driven by the thought of what he might do to you, it comes more as a consequence of knowing how amateurish he can make you look over twelve rounds.

So with him now set to face off against MMA’s Conor McGregor in August, many have given the Irishman no chance to even touching the unhittable boxer and though the ‘puncher’s chance’ is something many refuse to discount, the likelihood of seeing Mayweather eat one of Conor’s notoriously hard left-hands seems too much of a stretch for most.

The YouTube channel MindSmash, however, has made a very interesting look at the possibility that the challenges that McGregor poses to Floyd may well play on his virtually impregnable mindset and to be honest, even though it’s a tough idea to get behind, the argument made is one that draws on the past and is well worth a watch, all things considered.