Watch The Top 10 Most Vicious Muay Thai Knockouts of All Time

Muay Thai is one of the most beautiful sports on earth, but for some reason a lot of mainstream fight fans still ignore it. Granted, they’ll see their favorite UFC fighters using some Muay Thai techniques every now and then, but they’ll never actually tune in to watch some of the amazing kickboxing fights that take place on a weekly basis.

As spokespeople for combat in general, it’s our duty to promote the best fights on earth, whether they take place inside a boxing ring, an MMA cage, or half way around the world.

Everybody loves a great KO. It’s just human nature. Since Muay Thai involves pure striking with the hands, feet, knees and elbows (hence the name “The Art of Eight Limbs”), there are a lot of different strikes flying all over the place, and no need to worry about takedowns.

It’s surprising that Muay Thai isn’t much more popular, especially among the more casual MMA fans who hate to see any fight that involves any form of wrestler or BJJ. You would think they’d be in love with MT, but this ancient tradition hasn’t really caught on as strongly over in the west. We’re doing everything we can to change that, and right now that means showing you just how brutal some of the knockouts in Muay Thai can be, because everybody loves a good knockout. Here’s the video:

While that exclusively features knockouts from one kickboxing promotion (Thailand VS, which is basically a promotion built around squash matches), it’s a great sample of how beautifully brutal the sport of Muay Thai can be. While there aren’t too many dedicated Muay Thai shows that show up out here in the western hemisphere, there are plenty of high level strikers that train at top Muay Thai gyms that compete in shows like Glory Kickboxing and Lion Fight that you can find on UFC Fight Pass and AXS TV, respectively.