Andrei Arlovski should probably be fighting Fabrício Werdum for the UFC heavyweight title. Likely because of Sea Level-Cain, the UFC trying to get a foot in the Mexican market, and reasons, Arlovski is instead fighting Stipe Miocic in a number one contender’s fight. UFC 195 this weekend thanks Joe Silva for an Arlovski versus Miocic face punching fest in Las Vegas.

On a six fight winning streak Arlovski is absorbing all the powers that Greg Jackson and his team of coaches have bestowed upon him. Before this run of fights the 36 year old Arlovski’s career was almost left for dead. Now Arlovski continues to prove the doubters wrong and he is even photo bombing Alistair Overeem with an assortment of Hulk Hogan-esque poses to celebrate.

Party on Pitbull.