What Mayweather’s bodyguard said after McGregor said: ‘You’re on juice

There’s plenty of risk involved with being part of either Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor’s security team.

You only need to watch what happened to one of Mayweather’s bodyguards when he tried to prevent McGregor’s fans getting to close to the American’s Rolls Royce at the SSE Arena in London last week.

Both sets of security teams were kept busy by the pair during last week’s promotional world tour ahead of their fight on August 26.
In Brooklyn, a scuffle broke out on stage when Mayweather ordered his entourage to surround McGregor. Naturally, the UFC star’s team arrived to help.

McGregor would go on to call Mayweather’s bodyguards “juiceheads”.

The fact that this unsavoury moment wasn’t even the worst part of the four-leg world tour speaks volumes about Mayweather and McGregor’s behaviour.

One of the men labelled a “juicehead” by McGregor has since revealed what was said during the Brooklyn exchange.

Greg La Rosa, speaking to Submission Radio, admitted that he even offered to take a drugs test after McGregor accused him of being “on juice”.

"In Brooklyn, basically, Floyd said 'Point to the easy work!' so we pointed at McGregor. And then he said the tapout stuff and I think that was getting to Conor," La Rosa said.

"So that drew his attention to us and he looked over at me and the other guy, Ray, and he said: 'Look at these two juiceheads!' So I guess at that point, he'd had enough of it and had to have a go at me.

"I thought it was great but he looked at me and said: 'Look at these two juiceheads!'

"I can't remember what Floyd said after that. But Floyd said something and Conor walked away for a bit.