Who is Samoa Joe going to face at WrestleMania 33?

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Take a look at the WrestleMania 33 card. It’s mostly official at this point, and we can glean where the rest of it is coming from based on the angles WWE is currently working on both RAW and SmackDown.

Now, take that knowledge and think of who has been around the main event scene the last couple of months, during the entirety of the Road to WrestleMania, and you’ll notice they aren’t included in anything. No, Samoa Joe might be The Destroyer and Triple H’s heavy, he might be the man responsible for putting Seth Rollins in the hospital, he’s the one who dispatched Sami Zayn at Fastlane, but he’s not listed anywhere on the official Mania 33 card or its rumored matches. WWE can’t just skip having Joe involved, though, so what is there for him to do next month in Orlando?

We’re currently looking at 12 matches, now that Big Show vs. Shaq appears to be off the table and Show has been added to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, henceforth referred to as The ‘Dre. There were 12 matches at last year’s Mania, but that show had a 30-minute main event — even the most optimistic Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar fans are expecting one-third of that time this year — as well as time to brag about the attendance record and to introduce the new Women’s Championship, and let’s not forget the two pointless hours Rock stood there with a flamethrower attempting to sell us on how necessary this use of time was. So, there is a little time to add more if WWE wants: SummerSlam 2016 featured 13 matches, so we’ve even seen WWE do it at one of their recent Big Four events.

As we’re less than three weeks from Mania, though, with Joe not in a specific feud with anyone given he’s already taken down Sami Zayn, his own match seems pretty unlikely unless WWE wants to throw Finn Balor in the mix, too. And that’s a little tough, since they’re both in their infancy as far as the main roster is concerned, and probably need to avoid losses for at least a little while. No, at this point, the most likely thing seems to be Samoa Joe in The ‘Dre.

Maybe that’s why Braun Strowman is still hanging around Undertaker and Roman Reigns, because if Joe is memorializing Andre in Orlando, Joe needs to win it, and if Braun is in there, you could argue he needs to win it, too. With just two episodes of RAW left before Mania, we’ll know either way soon.

All there is to be said about Tuesday’s Rumor Roundup is that Sami Zayn really needs to be traded to SmackDown.
Monday featured an eventful episode of RAW, focused on the breakdown of the Stephanie McMahon/Mick Foley business relationship as well as the return of Seth Rollins.
That Rollins segment was pretty great, too.

  • Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson interfered in the number one contender’s match for the RAW Tag Team Championships, and their reward was a triple threat for the title at WrestleMania.

  • Alberto El Patron has already relinquished Impact Wrestling’s championship after a controversial finish, and it looks like there could be another match with Bobby Lashley for the title.

  • Sasha Banks hid her marriage because “fans are just so crazy sometimes.” They can absolutely get obsessive and hurtful on Twitter over a relationship one of their favorites is in. Ask Renee Young about how that goes.

  • You haven’t seen much of Cedric Alexander lately, and it turns out he’s expected to miss 3-5 months with a knee injury.

  • Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker is official for WrestleMania 33, by the way.

  • Jack Swagger asked for his WWE release, and WWE has given it to him.

  • The retro Best and Worst of RAW is up to May 26, 1997, and it’s all about whether Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels can coexist.

  • Ashley Leckwold is wondering where the women on commentary in wrestling are, and she’s not just asking WWE.

  • Also at Paste is a feature on the Glam World of Dalton Castle.
  • AJ Styles and Shane McMahon continued to build their feud at the Madison Square Garden house show, and SmackDown will likely be centered on the two this week.