Why Goldberg should beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33

With Wrestlemania 33 coming up, I look at why Golberg should beat Brock Lesnar in the main event.

With WrestleMania 33 only two weeks away, fans begin to eagerly anticipate what looks like one of the best cards in recent years. 

However, the match that stands out above the rest will surely be Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar with both diehard and casual fans looking forward to what will be an intriguing affair. Many fans expect Lesnar to win and to cap off what has been one the most crowd drawing feuds of recent years. However, in this article, I will put forward the case as to why I believe Goldberg should win the match against Lesnar at WrestleMania to then take the belt on for another few months.

Fan Favourite

One thing that even the most hardcore detesters of part-timers can’t deny is that Goldberg has drawn in a huge audience and has been hugely popular.

 Unlike his previous run with the WWE, this time, WWE has gotten it right, and he has been transformed into a popular and indestructible babyface. If you need evidence of this, simply go back and watch his entrance at Survivor Series 2016. 

The crowd popped massively chanting Goldberg and just looking at the reactions when he pinned Lesnar simply reinforced to me what a popular character Goldberg is.

If Goldberg were to win at WrestleMania, one could only imagine the crowd reaction, only likened recently to that of WrestleMania 30 when Bryan won the title against Batista and Orton. It would hopefully bring to a close a highly successful WrestleMania and especially when compared to the ending of last year’s Mania, it would a million miles better.

Lesnar's Character

The main problem I have with Lesnar winning is his character.

 To a certain extent, he just seems to me as an emotionless monster and the only time we get a sense of personality is when Heyman speaks on behalf of him. Simply put, if Lesnar went on to win, I still don’t feel like I could get invested in his character as he doesn’t have one.

Surely, it would be better to have him lose to Goldberg again, hopefully not in a squash match, and then from that defeat you can build Lesnar back up like a pissed of monster who just batters everyone in his wake rather than have him win and just remain a characterless monster who just so happens to have beaten Goldberg.

Have Goldberg make another star

Lesnar is already a main event star, and so he really doesn’t need the win. As I mentioned above, having him actually lose a feud might be the best move for his career. I know that if Lesnar did win then no doubt he could begin feuding with another person and build them up but I feel that especially Goldberg’s nostalgia with older viewers and ability on the mic would make him the perfect man and preferable to Lesnar to make a new star perhaps someone like Samoa Joe or Brawn Strowman.

More Viewers

This is a slightly more cynical view but you simply just have to look at the views have got on YouTube to see the draw he has to new but certainly older casual viewers. And so, keeping in the company for longer can do them no harm and potentially more casual viewers to come back on a regular basis.