Why Jason Jordan Cannot Remain a Babyface in Current Role on WWE Raw

Monday on Raw, Jason Jordan was featured on MizTV in a spot traditionally dedicated to rising babyfaces WWE wants to get behind.

Top babyfaces, like Roman Reigns and AJ Styles, appeared on MizTV early in their singles runs, with the idea being Miz would antagonize them and the live crowd to the degree the audience would get behind the guest to give Miz his comeuppance.

Jordan’s appearance was no different, as Miz did everything he could to become the most hated man in Pittsburgh—and he succeeded.

Jordan was well-received by father Kurt Angle’s hometown crowd for the most part, and fans popped when he hit Miz with a well-deserved belly-to-belly suplex. But as Jordan’s trajectory continues to go the way of a babyface, WWE would be making a grave mistake if this is the end result of his ongoing love-child storyline.

Jordan’s “golly gee willikers” tone of not asking for any favors from his father and working his way up the roster the honest way is the antithesis of what this character should be.

The 28-year-old as a babyface is strongly reminiscent of the smiling buffoon otherwise known as Rocky Maivia, whom fans saw right through before he found his voice as an all-time great.

Miz did point out some fans have been booing Jordan, but it’s hard to decipher whether this is encouraging or concerning. It could be encouraging if WWE is beginning to tease a heel turn by pointing out his negative reactions. At the same time, it could be concerning, with WWE using a heel to point out Jordan’s negative reactions as a means of reverse psychology to get fans on the former American Alpha member’s side.