Why Manny Pacquiao needs to retire from Boxing, for good

Manny Pacquiao is set to face Aussie striker Jeff Horn in July, but should he hang up his gloves after the fight?

Manny Pacquiao will once again fight this July, this time against the undefeated Australian newcomer Jeff Horn. While it may seem like Pacquiao will stay in the game forever, there are a few things that Team Pacman should consider when it comes to his boxing career that could either add or hurt his legacy.

There is no denying that Pacquiao has still got that fighter’s spirit in him, as shown when he was able to convincingly defeat Jessie Vargas. But in his current situation, quitting boxing after his upcoming fight might just be the perfect decision to save his reputation.

It’s all about money

One big reason why Pacman still fights, coming out of retirement and signing new deals, is money. It’s not only for him but for everyone involved, mainly the promoters. 

Bob Arum could not find any fighter that would draw big cash aside from Pacquiao, resulting in him insisting that it is Pacquiao who wants to enter the ring for more matches. It's not even about passion anymore. Win or lose, millions still go straight into their pockets. 

A seat at the legislative branch

Despite his shocking comments last year on the LGBT issue, Pacquiao’s prominence earned him a seat in the Philippine Senate, despite the lack of an impressive resume. He has gone through a lot of scrutiny and criticism with his work. He has mixed a lot of religious and contradicting thoughts into his statements as a senator, which has garnered mixed reactions from the public.

It is understandable that the majority would question his performance as a lawmaker, but he also dropped statements before that boxing won’t hinder his job at the government. Unfortunately, it has messed up quite badly. Even retired athletes can only do so much in their post-playing career. It might just be a clear indication that Pacquiao has entered a tough league of lawmakers, and that should make him consider hanging up the gloves. Serving the people is not an easy task.

Nothing left to prove

While other reasons might sound harsh, this is the best reason of all. Being an eight-division world champion is just one of many reasons why Pacman should just let go of boxing. His winning record, jaw-dropping knockouts and millions in earnings are already bold statements of how successful his boxing career has been. It brought his life, family, and faith to new heights. He is already considered one of the best to ever grace the boxing sport with such a stellar run that only few can achieve. 

Props to Manny Pacquiao for handling most of the criticism and standing by his faith, but looking at what he has accomplished and what he really needs to do right now, it is time to accept the fact that all athletes have to meet the end, and that father time remains unbeaten.




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