Woodley vs Diaz as the main event of UFC 219

When you look at this matchup from a business view, it makes perfect sense. Diaz is one of the biggest stars in the UFC at the moment and every fan is on the edge of their seats for his return.

He even appeals to the casual fan due to his contests with Conor McGregor. So why wouldn't the UFC want to make Woodley vs Diaz as the main event of UFC 219?

In a year where they have been lacking star power and huge draws, it's the matchup that brings in the most money.

However, if you are looking at it from a diehard fan's viewpoint, there are many reasons why this bout should not even be considered.


The first reason is blatantly obvious, Nate Diaz is a lightweight. He is a lightweight who is ranked #6 and who has not competed in over a year since his loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 202.

Diaz's record at welterweight is 3-3 with his last win coming over McGregor (a natural lightweight) last year at UFC 196.

Before Diaz could be considered for a title shot at welterweight, he should have to face a top-ranked contender in that division like Colby Covington, who could be seen as the next in line for a title shot.

If this is ignored, we could see a growing trend of mid-ranked contenders looking for title shots in different weight classes.

Woodley said earlier in the week that:

 "I feel like it’s not about the rankings anymore. Sometimes the rankings are a little shaky."

The point can be taken that rankings can sometimes be questionable, but with the welterweight division having a great amount of depth at the moment, it makes little sense for him to look for a fight with somebody in a lower division.

Woodley was known as a competitor who fought his way to the #1 contender spot so it's surprising he feels rankings don't exist. 

In terms of viewership, there's no doubt this fight makes sense, as it brings in the casual fans. However, for the people who tune in week in week out, we could all feel a little cheated and confused.

Moments like this bring a WWE-esque feeling to the sport, with shocking call-outs that in hindsight make little sense. Not that Diaz isn't a fighter worthy of gold, but with his recent inactivity it's hard to put him in a title fight.

It's unclear yet if this fight will be made or not, even if it is we are all going to tune in no doubt. However, if we see a Diaz win, might we see another division held up by an inactive champion?