Wow! CM Punk was paid over 16 times more than his opponent Mickey Gall at UFC 203

This doesn’t seem quite right…

CM Punk made his long awaited debut at UFC 203 on Saturday night in Cleveland, Ohio and to say it didn’t go as he might have hoped would be a dramatic understatement.

Punk walked forwards purposefully from the bell and got nailed with a double leg takedown from 24-year-old Mickey Gall who quickly used his superior jiu-jitsu to secure a submission.

There was a lot of muttering in the build up to the fight about Punk’s inclusion on the UFC roster considering he has practically zero fight experience and had never had an MMA fight whether amateur or professional.

The whole scene became a bit of a freak show and following Punk’s comments earlier in the week about him even making it into the octagon being a victory, it was clear that he knew exactly how this fight was going to play out.

But it seems like you don’t have to be hugely talented at something in order to make a big pay day, you just have to attract enough attention and money will follow you on your way.

CM Punk earned a cool $500,000 for his first round loss to Mickey Gall, who earned just $30,000 in comparison. When you consider that this includes the $15,000 win bonus Gall received for his victory then the gulf of the pay gap becomes apparent.

We’d take a two minute beating like that for $500,000 as well…