WrestleMania 33: Jim Ross predicts winner of Brock Lesnar-Goldberg fight, explains how the

Jim Ross opened up about how Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg fight at WrestleMania 33 can become a great success in a recent interview. The WWE Hall of Famer believes the fight can be great if the wrestling entertainment company deploys the expertise of Beast Incarnate's advocate Paul Heyman and the likes of Michael Hayes or Pat Patterson.

The veteran wrestling commentator, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, said that he sees no reason why the fight can't be great when Heyman and Hayes or Patterson are involved in the game-planning.

"Lesnar will go over with his finish, the F5. If they use their head, make sure Paul Heyman is involved in the game-planning, and et an agent like Michael Hayes or Pat Patterson or someone like that, then there is no excuse that they can't give you ten quality minutes, bell-to-bell," Ross said.

"There is no reason that two guys of that stature, earning that kind of money, can't give ten kicka– minutes of pro wrestling content. I firmly believe it's possible," he added.

Ross also said that Lesnar will win the Universal Championship from Goldberg at WWE's biggest pay-per-event (PPV) show of the year. Goldberg will be defending the title that he won from Kevin Owens at Fastlane 2017.

Ross' prediction for the fight could become a reality as it has been reported that the fight will be Goldberg's last match in the WWE as the latter's contract with the company is until WrestleMania 33. And, also Vince McMahon will not let Goldberg leave the WWE as the reigning Universal champion.

This fight was booked for WrestleMania 33 after Goldberg defeated Lesnar under 90 seconds with two consecutive spears followed by a jackhammer at Survivor Series in 2016. The two superstars also squared off at the Royal Rumble, where Goldberg once again humiliated Lesnar. Goldberg eliminated Lesnar as the former easily threw the latter out of the ring during the 30-man-over-the-top fight.