WrestleMania News Mar 16 2016 Updated 22:03, 16 Mar 2016 IST WWE News: Major change for Roman Reigns?


Roman Reigns made his inevitable return this week on RAW and vented out his frustrations by administering a chaotic beatdown on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. While Reigns returning wasn’t a surprise, what was indeed intriguing was his entrance.

Reigns shunned his usual entrance of coming through the audience and was seen making his way down the ramp instead. While many thought of it to be a one-off thing, Reigns ditched the crowd entrance for a regular entrance even at the recently concluded Smackdown tapings in Cincinnati.
This points to Reigns permanently trashing his earlier entrance for the tried and tested regular one. One of the major criticisms that have come Reigns’ way has been the traits that he adopted from his Shield days — in-ring gear and entrance. Now, in a bid to put over Reigns, WWE may finally be giving Reigns an identity of his own, similar to the cases of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.
The reason behind the change could be WWE’s grand WrestleMania entrance for the Samoan Superman or just to stop fans from throwing stuff (beer) at him while he makes his way through the crowd. Yes, it’s happened before!
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Reigns is set to face Triple H at WrestleMania 32 and is the firm favorite in walking out the three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion when all is said and done.