Wrestling student passes away at Seth Rollins’s wrestling academy

Jonah Snyder, 20, a student of Seth Rollins’s The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy died this past Thursday, the WKBW news reported. Jonah was training at the academy which is situated in Moline, Illinois when he began to feel ill. Rock Island County coroner, Brian Gustafson said that Snyder was training with eight other people when he began to feel ill.Instructors at the academy made Snyder sit down but his condition continued to worsen.

The trainers called 911 but when the paramedics arrived, he went into cardiac arrest. He was taken to Genesis Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.An autopsy was done the next day but was inconclusive.

The case continues to be investigated by the Moline police. On Wednesday, the academy tweeted acknowledging Jonah’s death and conveyed their condolences. With it, they also attached an excerpt from the essay Jonah had written in the application for the school.

Seth Rollins (Colby Lopez) alongside Marek Brave, Rollins’s old tag team partner opened the academy in 2014. In an interview with WWE, Lopez said that it was his way of giving back to the independent wrestling community in his area. He wanted to give the opportunity to kids, grown half-adults and anybody with a dream, to come to Iowa, Illinois area and get the best possible training and hopefully, have the most gifted eyes on them if they wish on succeeding in pro wrestling.

The academy although had no official relationship with the WWE, but the latter was supportive of the endeavour to the point that if Rollins had some good talent in the academy, the coaches at the performance centre of the WWE would be interested to know. The academy was backed entirely by Lopez still is very much in demand with people who aspire to be professional wrestlers.Till now, no charges have been levied against Rollins or his academy.

We shall keep you updated with this as the investigation continues. Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Jonah. May his soul rest in peace.