WWE accidently reveals major WrestleMania 32 spoiler?


– After the debacle of Fastlane where a lot of fans were left disappointed by the WWE, WWE delivered an episode of RAW to remember. The show started with Vince presenting Stephanie the Vincent J McMahon award of excellence for continuing the McMahon legacy.

The crowd erupted as Shane McMahon came out to confront his father and demanded control of Monday Night RAW.

Vince cut him a deal, which said that Shane would get the control of the company if he defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match. There would have been a lot of other options for the creative to make this feud better, but this match leaves a mystery as it is highly unlikely that Taker and Shane would go one on one for the whole match up.

There was some speculation meanwhile that Shane might win the match after the WWE online ticket service made a huge typo. Instead of WWE Monday Night RAW, they probably miswrote it as Monday Night RAW vs WWE, which was for the post-Wrestlemania 32 show in Baltimore.

This created a huge fan frenzy as the internet fans started discussing a possible feud or an invasion angle like in the past. After it was brought to their notice, the mistake had been noted and changed to WWE Monday Night RAW.