WWE has no plans of reuniting the Shield

Back together once again?

What’s the story?

The Superstar Shake-up has taken the WWE rosters of RAW and Smackdown LIVE and turned them on their head. The entire landscape of the WWE has changed following the Shake-up with top stars such as Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Bray Wyatt, and Kevin Owens all changing brands.Another gift of the shuffle is that all three members of the Shield are once again a part of the same roster. With this clubbing, many WWE fans are hoping for a Shield reunion in the near future.In case you didn’t know…

The Shield debuted on the main roster during Survivor Series in 2012. They were initially meant to be a stable that would be hired mercenaries for then WWE Champion CM Punk. However, the storyline developed organically and the three members went on their own way, leaving a pile of fallen superstars in their wake.Dean Ambrose won the United States Championship at Extreme Rules 2013.

 Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns went on to win the tag team championship at the same pay per view. All three men have are having successful singles careers after the split and are set to carry the company forward into the next generation. 

The heart of the matterNow with the shakeup bring the three former members under one roof, the WWE Universe has started speculating whether WWE is planning for a reunion.

 However, the most recent rumour from IWNerd.com reveals that there are no plans for a reunion anytime soon.WWE are still looking at the Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar main eventing Wrestlemania 34 for the Universal Championship. There are also rumours of Dean Ambrose turning heel soon and starting a programme with Seth Rollins.