WWE Heat On Triple H Over Roman Reigns?


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that “there was a lot of heat on HHH” and complaints over his no-sell of the beating Roman Reigns gave him in December.

Added to that “people pointed to the crotch chop on Raw as the sign HHH is no longer really behind the cause of getting Reigns over as a face.”
In addition to this internal heat for his role against Reigns, Vince McMahon may also have a problem with The Game.
“The Vince McMahon vs. HHH dynamic is something that everyone is talking about internally, even more since Shane McMahon appeared on the scene. The feeling is that if Shane McMahon actually does come back into the company in an executive capacity that it’ll be Vince playing Shane against HHH and Stephanie.”
Meltzer states some of the tension is over differing opinions of NXT. “Vince doesn’t like how he’s perceived as this old and out-of-touch guy and how there is a perception the company needs Vince to step away and let HHH run it and things will be great, citing NXT as the example. Vince isn’t going to step aside.”
Grahame’s Take:
Triple H hasn’t done Reigns any favours and deserves a significant share of the blame for WrestleMania’s main event woes. If you look back to December, Reigns was over when against genuine heels like Sheamus and Mr McMahon.
In contrast, Triple H has been fan baiting as a cool heel. There’s absolutely no way he should have been throwing DX crotch chops when beating the babyface up. You can understand why some in WWE will be frustrated, as this entire Mania saga increasingly feels like Triple H just wanted the privilege of main eventing the biggest WrestleMania ever and didn’t care what impact his role would actually have.
As for problems between McMahon and Triple H, NXT and Raw are very different brands. You can see that there are differences between Hunter’s vision of wrestling in NXT and Vince’s vision of wrestling on the mainstream shows.
That said, I don’t see Shane McMahon making a business return to WWE. Vince may want to assert his control and remind people who is boss, but he is ultimately still on side with his son in law and daughter. He’s worked closely with them and invested in them as the future of the business.