WWE Heavyweight Champion returns

If you kept your ears pricked during tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, you must have noticed that Dean Ambrose was referred to only as the WWE Champion and the “World Heavyweight” part was missing.

The change was not only verbal but it was visible on the name graphic during his entrance as well as the graphic for the Shield triple threat match at Battleground.

As cagesideseats.com noted, this could very well mean that WWE will be bringing back the World Heavyweight Championship as the leading title for the blue brand as it was before.

Rumors have been up in the air of each brand having a different prime title since the major announcement of the brand split and this is seen as one of the many changes the audience will witness after the Draft.

It’s notable that WWE unified both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championships back in 2013 after the WWE champion Randy Orton defeated the World Heavyweight champion John Cena in a TLC match. Later, the two belts were replaced with the current version of the belt in August 2014.




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