WWE News: Alberto Del Rio goes on drunken rant about the WWE and streams it live for the world to see

Alberto El Patron and Paige were together at a recent awards ceremony. During their night out, Alberto decided to try out Periscope for the first time…and had a lot to say about his previous employer WWE. You can watch the video below:

In case you didn't know…Periscope is a popular live streaming application where you can interact with as many viewers as you like while broadcasting from wherever you are.In May of 2016, 

Alberto and Paige went public with their relationship. 

Since then, their partnership has been plagued with controversy. Most recently, Paige was the victim of a hacking that resulted in the leak of sensitive material implicating the former Divas Champion and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, as well as former Superstar Brad Maddox.

The heart of the matterAs you’ll see in the video, Alberto proceeds to make numerous comments about “his former employer,” as well as other people in the industry.Del Rio admitted that he was a little bit drunk.

He claimed that he and Paige are getting married this June. He also took a jab at Triple H, calling him “one of the bosses in WWE with a big f***ing nose who is a big f***ing p**sy”.He also said that Paige isn’t returning until he says she can, and also joked that she isn’t returning because she is pregnant. Paige continually tried to end the Periscope stream, seemingly uncomfortable, but she was denied.