WWE News: Jim Ross not returning to the WWE

During a Reddit Q&A, former WWE commentator and Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked about WWE bringing him back and his relationship with Vince McMahon. To the question, here is what Ross said:
“WWE has spoken and they do not want me on their broadcasts. End of story. No worries here. I’m on PPV Sunday in Phoenix for URshow.tv and I hope that you will give us a shot. It will be a helluva, unpredictable show. My relationship with Vince is positive and healthy. We communicate somewhat regularly. I had 21 great years with VKM and am grateful for my run.”
The Hall of Famer’s contract with WWE expired on July,2014. But it was suspected that he was fired from WWE due to some action at a 2K14 roster announcement event, where Ric Flair and Jim Ross were suspected to be intoxicated.
In an interview, Ross admitted that an insult to the sponsor of the event was what led to his release. However, in the same interview, he confirmed that he was not drunk, and fatigue due to Bell’s Palsy was the reason he may have been perceived as being intoxicated.
Vince McMahon stated that there was no heat between him and Ross, and it was ultimately Ross’ decision to leave WWE as he wanted to spend more time at home than working for WWE.