WWE News: John Cena Sr. Talked Sasha Banks Out Of Quitting Pro Wrestling

What's the story?
In a recent interview with Boston Wrestling Sports, John Cena Sr., he addressed Sasha Banks' recent comments over the frustration with the WWE main roster booking and also revealed a story about how Sasha Banks was close to giving up on pro wrestling.

In case you didn't know…
John Cena Sr. is in control of the Millenium Wrestling Federation(MWF), being in control of the promotion since 2007. Sasha Banks, who wrestled as Mercedes KV in the indies is from Massachusetts as well, so she seemingly crossed paths with John Cena's father and they worked together.

The heart of the matter
John Cena Sr. shared a story of how The Boss was at one point on the verge of quitting pro wrestling:

Believe me, I think the world of this young lady, I did some indie work with her. I was in Webster doing a show with her and she was gonna kinda quit pro wrestling and I said don't do it, there's a lot behind you, you've got a lot to offer and then next thing I know she's in the WWE. She's an outstanding athlete and she has a good feel for this business.
In the interview, he also took subtle shots at Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss and spoke about what a hard worker Sasha is. It's a good thing he stepped in when he did because Sasha Banks is now widely regarded as one of the top female wrestlers in North America.

What's next?
Sasha Banks has a huge match ahead of her at No Mercy when she takes on Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Emma in a Fatal-4-Way match for the RAW Women's Championship. It's very unlikely that Sasha will regain the title.