WWE News: Meisha Tate comments on entering a WWE ring

What’s the story?Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Miesha Tate was part of a Q & A session ahead of the upcoming UFC Fight Night in London. 

And during the session, Tate commented about a potential stint in WWE and said that she would love to perform in WWE.In case you didn’t know…Miesha Tate was linked with a potential move to WWE for a long time now.

 Back in June 2016, some rumours suggested Tate could move to WWE to which she replied that those rumours ‘may or may not be true’.A month later, Tate would go on to drop her Bantamweight title to Amanda Nunes. 

Tate returned to the octagon in November 2016 to face Raquel Pennington, and after losing the fight, Tate announced her retirement in the post-fight interview and the rumours once again gathered momentum. 

Tate is yet to reveal her long term plans as of now.The heart of the matterThe retirement of Tate from MMA was a shocking turn of events. She did suffer two back to back loses, but being one of the most iconic names in Women’s MMA, such an announcement from Tate was not expected. 

During a Q & A session, Tate was faced with the question about working in WWE to which she replied:“I would love to, maybe Mickey Gall and I could have a match for good humor. WWE, it would be fun. I would love to. I’m open to all kinds of things like that, so it would be a lot of fun.

”While there might be a small trace of sarcasm in what Tate said, her willingness to give WWE a try is more than evident.What’s next?This could go either way. It could end up being just another quote from Miesha Tate that goes nowhere. 

The internet could buzz about it for some time, and it could fizzle out in a week or two.Alternatively, WWE could make Tate a credible offer. However, with WrestleMania just around the corner and plans for the show already in place, it isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.