WWE News: Michael Bisping shows respect to CM Punk f

CM Punk is having his first ever professional MMA fight in UFC 203 on September 10th, against Micky Gall(2-0 MMA record). He has been signed to UFC since December 2014, and it’s been nearly 2 years for him to make his long-awaited debut. Due to multiple delays, many were questioning whether Punk will make it to the octagon in the first place. A constant cause for the delay has been nagging injuries, especially the back injury.

Punk being signed by the UFC was a subject of polarizing opinions with one of them being that he had no previous amateur or professional mixed-martial-arts experience. But, ultimately, UFC is a business looking to make as much money as possible, and it is undeniable that CM Punk will sell quite some pay-per-views.

UFC Middleweight champion took to twitter yesterday to state his respect to CM Punk for his courageous move:

It must be noted that Bisping himself offered to be Punk’s first opponent. But the match was never going to take place due to the vast difference in experience between the two. Both Punk and Bisping are polarizing figures in the Mixed martial arts world, albeit for different reasons. However, Bisping made a big 180 and has won the hearts of several MMA fans, something which Punk has an opportunity to do less than a month from now in UFC 203 against Micky Gall.

With Punk being 37 years old, it seems unlikely that he’ll fight in the UFC more than once if he loses on September 10. He has said in the past that he plans to fight multiple times. He has also said that he may even get a Welterweight Title shot if he can win a few fights in a row.

Can he turn out to be a big box office draw the way Lesnar became?