WWE News: Seth Rollins posts a photo alongside Finn Balor with an interesting caption

Seth Rollins posted a photo with Finn Balor adding an ominous caption to said photograph after the duo emerged victorious in their tag-team match against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens in the main event of Monday Night Raw.

In case you didn’t know…

After initially being scheduled to fight alongside Chris Jericho, Rollins was allotted a new tag-team partner by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, owing to Owens and Joe’s sneak attack on Y2J.

The mystery partner turned out to be Finn Balor who coincidentally faced Seth Rollins in the inaugural WWE Universal Championship match.

 The Demon King won the match but had to relinquish the title because of a shoulder match.

The heart of the matterSeth Rollins defeated Triple H in a ‘Non-Sanctioned’ match at WrestleMania 33 and looked to build on his momentum on the ‘Raw after Mania’. 

After emerging victorious alongside former foe Finn Balor, The Architect set his sights on bigger goals in the post-Mania season as per his post on Instagram.What’s next?Given the fact that The Authority is temporarily out of action as Vince McMahon informed us on Raw, Seth Rollins will most likely be involved in a future feud against Triple H’s henchman Samoa Joe.


Everything's about to change. #kingslayer #rawaftermania

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