WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin not impressed with Kevin Owens’ Stunner in Royal Rumble

What’s the story?Stone Cold Steve Austin took to Twitter to voice his opinion on Kevin Owens using the Stone Cold Stunner on Roman Reigns during their match at the Royal Rumble. 

Owens responded to the tweet and it looks like some tension is building up between the two men.In case you didn’t know…
Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens put each other through hell in the No DQ match for the Universal Championship. The match was filled with high spots including Kevin Owens hitting a five-star frog splash on Roman Reigns through a table at ringside.

Owens finally retained the Universal Championship after Braun Strowman ran an interference, thereby setting up a program between himself and Reigns for WrestleMania.The heart of the matterStone Cold said that Owens needed to be taught how to pull off a good Stunner. Austin encouraged the WWE Universal Champion to put some more ‘stink’ in the move so that it would look convincing.

What’s next?Kevin Owens managed to keep his title run intact when he received the unlikely assistance of Braun Strowman. Strowman walked down to the ring and laid waste to Roman Reigns, smashing him through a table.Kevin Owens will go into WWE Fastlane as the WWE Champion and will perhaps start a storyline with Chris Jericho that is rumoured for WrestleMania.

We takeThe Twitter battle is a new trend in WWE where Superstars have often taken some shots at each other. Be it Conor McGregor dissing the entire WWE roster, or Cena and Roman exchanging a few words, Twitter has emerged as an alternative battlefront in the WWE.Will this war of words lead to a confrontation? Or will Owens join Stone Cold as a guest on the WWE Network Exclusive Stone Cold Podcast? Only time will tell.