WWE News: Vince Russo takes a cheap shot at Finn Balor

What's the story?

During a recent episode of “Vince Russo’s The Brand” podcast, Russo did an in-depth review of WrestleMania X.

 During the review, Russo mentioned that the characters back then were big, intimidating guys, which happens to be the biggest difference between today's product and the way things were back then.

 He talked about how today's Superstars just don't have that intimidating presence. One of the Superstars that he mentioned was Finn Balor. In case you didn't know…

WrestleMania X was actually the first major show which Vince Russo worked on. When he was hired by the company in 1992, his first duties were with WWF The Magazine, where he was a freelance writer.

Finn Balor has been out of action since suffering a labrum tear injury during his WWE Universal title match at last year's SummerSlam pay-per-view. 

Balor has recently started performing at house shows again.The heart of the matterDuring his podcast, Vince Russo went after the current WWE product pretty hard. 

As previously mentioned, his primary issue is the fact that WWE doesn't use a lot of the big, chiselled, monstrous personas that were once a common sight in the company. 

Russo began to elaborate on his stance regarding the size of today's WWE Superstars and he went on to say: “I’m 56 years old, living in a cabin by a lake, and I could kick Finn Balor’s a**.

”Vince went on to say that WWE does have a few quality superstars, but that they were few and far between. Some of them he mentioned were Roman Reigns, Charlotte and Bray Wyatt.What's next?WrestleMania 33 will air live on the WWE Network this Sunday, from Orlando’s Camping World Stadium. 

While Finn Balor has recently returned to action during a house show, he has yet to be seen on television and his participation at WrestleMania is still unclear.