WWE News: What happened after WWE Payback went off-air

This Sunday’s main event at Payback ended with Braun Strowman getting a clean victory over Roman Reigns. Strowman wasn’t quite satisfied with his victory, however, as was evident from the Monster Among Men grabbing the steel steps and smashing an already injured Roman’s head through it.

As if all that wasn’t enough for Braun, he proceeded to bring the steps crashing down on the midsection of the self-proclaimed “Big Dog”, Roman Reigns.

As a result of this assault, Reigns started coughing up a serious amount of blood. Having been put through Braun’s attacks only a few weeks ago when he went as far as flipping over Reigns’ ambulance with him lying inside on its side. 

After the screens went black for those watching on TV, fans saw Roman go backstage, on his own two feet, no less..after the beating that he took.Struggling to even keep standing, 

Reigns was spitting blood while trying to make his way to the ambulance and with a strange sense of Deja Vu, we could hear Braun try to pull a running ambush on the injured Reigns who easily ducked out, sending The Monster crashing through one of the back doors of the ambulance, taking it clean off its hinges.Reigns then smashed Braun’s head with the other door and that was the end of the show.