WWE: Roman Reigns Should Be the Next Paul Heyman Guy

If the rumours of Brock Lesnar leaving the WWE for the UFC after WrestleMania are true, Paul Heyman should have another client. And that client should be Roman Reigns.

Brock Lesnar’s time in the WWE is reportedly coming to an end after WrestleMania. With reports suggesting that The Beast will be jumping ship to the UFC, following his match at ‘grandest stage of them all’. If these rumours are to be believed, and Brock Lesnar is leaving, then Paul Heyman needs another star to manage. And the advocate’s next client should be Roman Reigns.

Now, you’re probably going to ask how Heyman could make the switch from Lesnar to Reigns. I’ve got two ideas. The first being that Heyman helps Reigns beat Lesnar at WrestleMania, a low blow, a distraction, a blunt object, etc. The second being that Reigns defeats Lesnar, and Heyman propositions Reigns, and he accepts. Both do the job nicely.

The second question you’re probably asking is does Reigns need Heyman? Absolutely.

Firstly, Heyman dropping Lesnar as a client for Reigns is newsworthy in itself. The fact that Heyman would see more potential in Reigns than Lesnar would put the former on a pedestal even higher than he already’s on. The rub from Lesnar would also help greatly, especially if the WWE choose to go with the narrative of Reigns conquering The Beast.

Secondly, Paul Heyman is such a great asset to have around. If Brock Lesnar is leaving, we need to have Heyman on WWE TV. He’s the master at hyping up a bout, and really adds to the big fight feel regarding any Lesnar match.

The reason the Heyman and Reigns pairing works so well is that the Big Dog, currently, isn’t lighting the world on fire with his promos. Heyman would change that. Being his mic piece would mean that Reigns wouldn’t have to concentrate on his mic skills. Furthermore, Reigns could even work into the storyline. Paul could say that Reigns’ had enough of the fans; doesn’t even want to address them, which is why Heyman is doing all the speaking for him.

Another reason I’m a fan of the duo is because we can finally see, or hear rather, Reigns showing off the fact he beat The Undertaker. Now, that may sound odd but, following his win at this years WrestleMania, the WWE haven’t mentioned – as much as they could –

Reigns’ victory over the Dead Man. Compared to Heyman coming out every week following Takers first defeat at WrestleMania, the WWE seem to almost be playing down Reigns’ victory. Of course, this would all change if Heyman was Reigns’ advocate. Hopefully we see the return of Heyman’s knock knock jokes…

Finally, the pairing would help Reigns no end. Heyman has been around forever, and if the two were to form an alliance, Reigns would be learning from one of the best.

And clearly the WWE are serious about making him the future of the company, so why not pair him up with Heyman, even if it’s just for a short while, to get the rub and transition him on the level of a Lesnar. A megastar so big, that he doesn’t even have to address the crowd.