WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio to Hold Press Conference on WWE Future

Alberto Del Rio is apparently holding a press conference on what his status is with WWE on Friday.

Alberto Del Rio got suspended by WWE in August for violating the company’s Wellness Policy. His public girlfriend, Paige got suspended one day later. Their situations have since been rumored and speculated on for the past three weeks.

Del Rio has been speculated to be opting out of his WWE contract. There had apparently been a promise made to pair him with Paul Heyman, setting up a main event push. Instead, Del Rio had Zeb Colter as his manager and got placed in the League of Nations stable, which fell apart after WrestleMania 32.

Well, it seems Mexico’s Greatest Export is ready to talk about his WWE status. According to SuperLuchas.com, he will be holding a press conference on Friday to discuss his future with the company. This will be held in Mexico City, MX.

Holding a press conference doesn’t seem like a typical thing for a WWE Superstar to do, so this may be Del Rio announcing his departure. It would end his second stint with WWE, which began at Hell in a Cell 2015. He defeated John Cena in seven minutes for the United States Championship in the show’s opener.

We’ll see what this means for Paige, too. She reportedly hired legal representation, which could indicate, but not confirmed, that she’s looking to leave WWE. This would end her two-plus year stay on the main roster.


Paige and Del Rio’s statuses with WWE seem closely aligned. If Del Rio announces his departure on Friday, we’ll see if the British star follows suit. Where they would go next would be intriguing, as Del Rio already worked for Lucha Underground, and Paige is still just 24-years-old. Could a wrestling company like TNA call their names?