WWE Rumors: Major rumor of Goldberg appearing at Clash Of Champions

Ever since Goldberg was announced as the pre-order bonus character for the new WWE 2K17 game, rumors of his return have been flying around.

The former wrestler himself added fuel to the fire when he said that he was open for a return.Most recently, Goldberg reported that he would be in Indianapolis on September 25th. This is the same day that WWE airs the first exclusive RAW pay per view, Clash of Champions and pay per view will be airing from Indianapolis as well. There are several rumors online that Goldberg will be involved in some capacity in the pay per view taking place at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in

Indianapolis.MarkOutMoments.com posted a video on their Twitter page in which Goldberg promotes his upcoming appearance on the Bischoff on Wrestling podcast with Eric Bischoff on September 25. Goldberg started by taking a dig a Brock Lesnar saying that he wasn’t the next – not yet.He said that he would sit down live with Eric Bischoff and it looked like Bischoff was next. Goldberg said that if Bischoff annoyed him or offended him in any way, then we could possibly see Goldberg “pop his head live on stage.” Goldberg mentioned a few times in the video that his appearance would be just a few hours prior to the WWE RAW’s Clash of Champions pay per view. It is also important to note that WWE RAW superstar Brock Lesnar faces off against Randy Orton in the SummerSlam rematch, just three hours away in Chicago the night before.

Goldberg promoted his appearance by saying that he would be talking about his stint with the WWE in their new game WWE 2K17. He also reported that he would be talking about Brock Lesnar and the “old WCW days”.Tickets for Bischoff on Wrestling live with Goldberg will be available at MarkOutMoments.com.

The Q&A portion of the podcast is scheduled to be moderated by WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman.Given that the likes of Ultimate Warrior and Sting who were earlier pre-order bonus characters for previous versions of the game made their return to the WWE in some capacity, a Goldberg return is inevitable. Maybe this podcast will shed more light on the time of his return and his first opponent. It looks like it will be Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 but with the ever changing scenario in WWE, who knows what happens.