WWE: Sasha Banks Changes Twitter Bio, Trolls Fans Into Frenzy

WWE Raw’s Sasha Banks has been making plenty of noise lately with comments about both the fans and the company, and she recently caused quite the storm when she changed her Twitter bio.

Although Sasha Banks is tied with Charlotte Flair as the only four-time Women’s Champions in the WWE, none of her reigns have been lengthy. After defeating Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam to secure her first Pay Per View victory in a title match, Banks subsequently dropped the title on the latest episode of WWE Raw. She expressed her frustration with her lack of a lengthy reign as champion on Sam Roberts’s podcast. Banks also spoke candidly about fans who stalk her and other wrestlers at hotels and airports, and she delivered some highly critical comments about booking in the company.

Everything Banks said about the WWE’s decision-making when it comes to booking are things that fans have been complaining about for years. So naturally, fans have been buzzing when they noticed that Banks changed her Twitter bio to remove “WWE” from it.

She traded in a rather busy bio for a simple one, leaving only a “Business Inquiries” and a nod to Jeremiah 29:11, which states “For I know the plans I have for you”.

As many fans will do, there is speculation that Banks may be so frustrated with WWE that she could be leaving. I would highly advise agains this speculation, because it is far more likely that she is having some fun at our expenses. She knows she’s made some strong remarks about the company and some “fans” (these people truly are stalkers, though), and this is likely just to rise a stir. It’s a clever usage of social media, and it’s akin to what Rusev has done during all the speculation that he and Lana could be leaving after their shoddy booking on SmackDown Live.

If you really want to speculate about Banks, I guess you should just keep talking about the chances of her turning heel. Nia Jax may have just turned babyface to feud with Alexa Bliss, and Banks may be left in a state of limbo after losing the Raw Women’s Championship so quickly after SummerSlam.

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Everyone will be plugged into social media scouring the web for updates on Banks’s status, but don’t expect to hear any news of her leaving. But do take the time to enjoy the flurry of fans wondering what’s happening on Twitter.




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