WWE Set To Change Up Roman Reigns’ Character Completely -– See Shocking Reasons…


The company has a script by which it regulates its talents’ character and in-ring activities. There are signature tunes for every fighter, and this helps the audience know who is about to be brought up.

This was true for the group The Shield, which was made up of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. They even had one more group feature – they made an entry into the fighting arena through the audience. Then the Shield broke up and each went his own way.
The WWE is now looking to change the Reigns style, by having him introduced into the ring some other way. SmackDown recent reports states that Reigns approached the ring normally, like every other wrestler. Also, there is a report that WWE is already planning to change up Roman Reigns’ character completely from being the next John Cena into being the first Roman Reigns — hence, the change in the crowd entrance.