WWE SummerSlam 2017: Projecting Match Card to Ensure Epic Edition of PPV

SummerSlam is arguably the second-most important pay-per-view of the year behind WrestleMania. It has an extended runtime and is usually given its own Axxess events in the week prior to the show.

Simply making the show longer isn't going to make people care. WWE needs to stack the card with matches that both make sense and increase the level of excitement.

Most, if not all of the titles need to be defended, but there also needs to be some high-profile non-title contests to give everyone else a chance to shine.

Little is known about what WWE plans to fill the show with, so this slideshow will focus on booking the card instead of trying to predict the outcome of each bout.

James Ellsworth has become one of the most annoying characters in recent history, and one person who has been affected the most by his interference is Becky Lynch.

The Lass Kicker lost two Money in the Bank matches because of Ellsworth, and many fans would love to see her get the chance to rip his arm out of its socket.

Intergender matches are a tricky subject, but when the female performer is physically superior to the male performer in every way, it's much easier for the public to accept. It's why Chyna was so successful competing against men.

Even if she doesn't get to challenge for the title, having the chance to get some retribution against the Chinless Wonder would be satisfying for Lynch and her legions of fans. 

Neville has been dominating the cruiserweight division ever since he won the title from Rich Swann at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

In addition to Swann, he has defeated Jack Gallagher, Austin Aries, TJP and Akira Tozawa on multiple occasions. The only way he could conceivably lose the belt at this point would be in a multi-person match.

The cruiserweight division has some incredible talent, but Alexander, TJP and Tozawa have been built up the most in recent months.

Having a Fatal 4-Way would allow WWE to put the Cruiserweight Championship on someone else without forcing Neville to take a clean loss by pin or submission.

On top of the logical reasons for having this match, these four competitors could easily steal the show at SummerSlam if they are given at least 15 minutes.