WWE’s Alberto Del Rio attacked by fan at WWC show in Puerto Rico (Video)

WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio was attacked by a fan at ringside while wrestling at a World Wrestling Council event in Puerto Rico

Alberto Del Rio’s return to WWE at Hell in a Cell 2015 in October was one of the most surprising things that the company has done in quite some time. However, the nature of the surprise led to WWE bringing him back while he still had independent dates already booked. One of those dates was a World Wrestling Council event in Puerto Rico on Saturday night; things went poorly for the WWE superstar as a fan attacked him during his match.

Del Rio was facing Ray Gonzalez in a match at the WWC event when he slipped out to the floor to catch his breath. That’s when a fan sitting ringside reached over to hook Del Rio and then began dropping fists at the back of Del Rio’s head:

Obviously security and Gonzalez made sure that the situation didn’t escalate further, but that’s certainly a scary thing to happen even if it didn’t end up poorly. What if the fan had a weapon of some kind? What if it were more than one fan waiting to attack ADR?

Luckily Del Rio is fine, but you have to wonder what this means for wrestlers that WWE brings in that are still booked for indie dates. That’s obviously something that is only allowed in special cases anyway, but if they can’t trust the security of these events to keep these guys safe, you have to wonder if they’re going to ever allow it all after this incident with Del Rio.